Personnel With a 10 out of 10 Rating

Just days before Christmas my church, Salem United Methodist in Brookeville, MD lost all heating just as an arctic cold front was dropping temperatures into single digits. I called H.J. Poist Gas and they responded straight away. The service technician they dispatched, Mr. J. Johnston, was prompt, direct, and extraordinarily helpful not just in fixing the issues, but also in explaining the issues that resulted in the loss of heating. He made sure that everything was completely functioning and that the trustees of the church now possess the knowledge and ability to be aware of developing problems before they become as major as that which we had experienced. Mr. Johnston is by all standards extraordinarily professional in his field as well as in his ability to communicate with customers who do not other wise possess his in depth experience. Equally important, Mr. Johnston is not just a knowledgeable and gifted technician, he is also an amazing spokesman and representative of H.J. Poist as well. H.J. Poist could not have found a better person to be the embodiment of their company’s commitment to their community and customers. Based on my experience this past December I would easily rate them 10 out of 10 for the quality of their personnel, and also the management of a company that can motivate their employee’s to be such exceptional representatives to their clientele.