Founded in 1937, the H.J. Poist Gas Company began as the H.J. Poist Furniture & Appliance Company located right on Main Street in Laurel, Maryland. The Poist family sold furniture and appliances, and also repaired appliances. After a few years, the company began specializing in the sales and service of propane appliances.
The H.J. Poist Gas Company grew with the local community, providing homes and businesses with every aspect of propane fuel service. From system planning to equipment installation and maintenance, to increasingly flexible delivery and payment options, H.J. Poist remains the go-to, one-stop shop for propane service in central Maryland.
Since 1937, and still based in the same office, H.J. Poist offers the kind of customer care and service you only get when neighbors help neighbors.
H.J. Poist Gas Company - Historical Photo