Happy Customers

Before I Knew It They Had Someone Out Here
Always friendly and efficient! During our most recent delivery, I was assisted in determining that a piece on our equipment had broken (O-Ring gasket). Before I knew it they had someone out here to hand deliver and install the broken piece! Thank you Kevin, the plant manager, for orchestrating this with such efficiency and courtesy!
— Julianna R.
Superb Customer Service
Great experience. Superb customer service with great prices for propane exchange and CO2.
— Byron M.
They Will Always Be My Supplier
I've been a customer for several years and get my helium tank refilled multiple times a year. A few months back there was an issue with one tank. Mark, the manager, not only remedied the issue but offered amazing customer service to keep me as a valuable client. As long as I'm in business they will be my supplier for helium. Thanks to Mark and the team at Poist for all you do to support my small business!
— Sara R.
H.J. Poist – The Only Show in Town
We had an incredible experience with Jeff Johnston last night. When I got home last night, my wife informed me that our 800 gallon propane tank was empty and we did not have heat, hot water or a working stove. She called Poist after 5pm and was told that you were sending someone out to fill the tank that night so we would not be inconvenienced. When Jeff arrived at our house, I apologized to him for drawing the short stick and having to come out so late. Jeff got a big smile on his face and earnestly said "I wouldn't want one of our customers being without heat in this weather." We were blown away by Jeff's manner in how he interacts with customers. We have rarely, if ever, encountered service like what Jeff did. You make H.J. Poist look like the only show in town!
— Christopher D.
Personnel With a 10 out of 10 Rating
Just days before Christmas my church, Salem United Methodist in Brookeville, MD lost all heating just as an arctic cold front was dropping temperatures into single digits. I called H.J. Poist Gas and they responded straight away. The service technician they dispatched, Mr. J. Johnston, was prompt, direct, and extraordinarily helpful not just in fixing the issues, but also in explaining the issues that resulted in the loss of heating. He made sure that everything was completely functioning and that the trustees of the church now possess the knowledge and ability to be aware of developing problems before they become as major as that which we had experienced. Mr. Johnston is by all standards extraordinarily professional in his field as well as in his ability to communicate with customers who do not other wise possess his in depth experience. Equally important, Mr. Johnston is not just a knowledgeable and gifted technician, he is also an amazing spokesman and representative of H.J. Poist as well. H.J. Poist could not have found a better person to be the embodiment of their company's commitment to their community and customers. Based on my experience this past December I would easily rate them 10 out of 10 for the quality of their personnel, and also the management of a company that can motivate their employee's to be such exceptional representatives to their clientele.
— Fred A.
Cheerful and Efficient service
Anthony gave us prompt and thorough quotes with options on propane delivery and service. We highly recommend The H. J. Poist Company and its cheerful and efficient service.
— Mr & Mrs Phillip S.
5-Stars Kind and Helpful
I only get gas from H.J. Poist.  Amber is great to work with, always kind and helpful.
— Jay T.
I Look Forward to Working with Poist for Years to Come!!
H.J. Poist did a great job installing an in-ground 1,000 gallon propane tank. Jeff Wiseman provided the estimate, made sure that everything went smoothly, established all of the needed connections, removed the excavated dirt, and delivered a top flight job!! I look forward to working with Poist for years to come!!
— Ruy G.
H.J. Poist Always Exceeds My Expectations
H.J. Poist always exceeds my expectations of customer service. They handle everything professionally and it's always a great experience working with them.
— Trey J.
Everything Is Always On Time
Staff is very professional. Everything is always on time and my questions are always answered. Highly recommend The H.J. Poist Gas Company.
— Brent C.
I Highly Recommend The H.J. Poist Gas Company
H.J. Poist has installed a few things for me, including the propane storage tank which helps run my gas fireplace. They also deliver gas to me monthly. The workers are pleasant and help me with whatever I need. I highly recommend them.
— Dorothy P.
The Experience We Had Was Excellent
We needed propane and a hookup for a newly purchased residential generator, so we went to The H.J. Poist Gas Company. The experience was excellent from the pro-active personnel through the actual install. The information required by Mr. G. Edwards when stating our needs was professional and surprising (he knew if there were permit needs, condo restrictions, etc.). The day of the install the two professionals were on time, efficient in the hookup, answered all our questions and tested the unit (started the generator first try!). We look forward to our future association with The H.J. Poist Gas Company.
— Jim and Betty G.
Their Customer Service is Second to None
I've only been working with Poist Gas for a very short time, but in that short time they've left a huge impression. Their customer service is second to none and they are clearly experts. I'm happy I took the recommendation from my friend and decided to use them.
— Dorothy P.